Tuesday, June 9, 2009

News Important to All Canadians

Today I got home from work, clicked on "Google News Canada" and what do I see? Wall to wall coverage of Canada's economic performance outpacing the World's. The heavy coverage is not surprising since the issue dramatically affects every man, woman and child in this country, both from an economic well being standpoint, but also as a much needed psychological break from our constant fiscal worries. The media really goes for those "human impact" stories that are important to all of us.

I'm such a kidder.

Actually, our media elites are telling us that a private conversation between a Conservative cabmin and her communications person - a story inside politicos of a left leaning persuasion are frolicking over - is also the most important news for all Canadians. Information on our economic well being? You'll have to head over to Joanne's for inconsequential stuff like that.


  1. No wonder "old media" is dying.

  2. Old media, with talking head robots, some of which I am sure, went to school to make a difference but have been caught up in the CRAP!

    They too will see their CEO's and Presidents, raking in what is left of the cash, while they all fall like flies under an intoxicating cloud of Raid.

    Who first? I have MY list!

  3. The tape is insightful. Lisa Raitt sees other people's health crisis as a career opportunity and not as serious issue. I'll never vote conservative again.

  4. Hey there Nonny, perhaps you would be kind enough to explain what health crisis was happening on January 30th, 2009 when this conversation was recorded?