Thursday, June 11, 2009

Media: Harper is "Embattled" the Media

Same story from yesterday about Harper desperately trying to paint a "rosy picture". But the Star decides to describe him as "embattled" in the first paragraph.

I think it's great that the media tells us how we are to interpret facts in a story, rather than just telling us the facts. For one thing, I'm not smart enough to figure these things out myself, and so there's always the danger that I might interpret Canada being among the economically best placed countries in the world, as somewhat positive. I never would have realized that this was just unnecessary "rosy[ness]" - thank goodness for my media keepers helping me how to think in the correct way.

But the best part is I don't have to wade into any opinion pieces while I read the news. They're now one and the same. A one stop shop!


  1. How about Don Martin saying the Tories are just running on fumes when column after column he writes is just based on fumes.

    I guess he's still hoping for that Senate appointment if the Liberals get in.

  2. Oh yes, and Harper is trying to save his government, paint a rosey picture....

    Well PMSH did not appear 'embattled' today.
    He looked calm, confident and strong.
    It was Craig Oliver that looked like he was just hit with a tonne of bricks,
    and Iffy was lost in it all, admitting he had to have his masters (?) in economics to read the record!!!
    lol Iffy admits he just doesn't get economics,
    who'd of thunk it, eh!

  3. I think Don Martin is sniffing fumes...