Saturday, June 6, 2009

History? What History? Part II

Below, I referred to the frighteningly obtuse suggestion that it is the Israelis who must learn from the holocaust. It has been over half a century since then, and during that period we, as people from a later time, have looked back in disbelief at what mankind is capable of.

It was such a horrific act that it is hard to believe that a modern society could plan, and then carry out, the systematic murder of millions of people based on a hateful ideology. Some belief systems are so hateful, so all encompassing, and so entrenched within the powerful, that an entire country's resources can be mobilized to carry out widespread murder.

So in discussions with some of my left leaning friends who brush aside the Iranian leadership's repeated declarations of hate towards the Jews, the widespread use of sick propaganda in the region (like the Jew eating bunny for children), and the repeated and overt promises to destroy the Jewish state, as mere words, it seems clear that the suspension of belief has reached its full effect.

We say "the Iranians would never do that" as if no one would ever do that. Not even a radical hateful regime racing to build a weapon capable of carrying it out. "That could never happen".

In addition to spending the last half century in disbelief at the horrors man is capable of, we've also spent that time in disbelief that the world could stand by and let it happen.

If it seems unbelievable that the world could stand by and let a state carry out the systematic mass murder of millions, it's completely unthinkable that we could let it happen yet again to the same people just a few decades later.


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