Sunday, June 7, 2009

Iggy: Hidden Agenda Free

Remember the days when Harper first came to power as head of the CPC and sought to take over the reigns of government. Liberal suggestions of a "hidden agenda" weren't chastised as being mean spirited. They were dutifully delved into.

Remember the media pouring over his past writings, his associations, his meetings? I seem to recall the slightest phrase, utterance or even the look on his face being examined (complete with the most unflattering images seeking to capture the "cold stare") in search of that nefarious unseen plot that was assumed to be lurking just around the corner. "What was that you say? A conservative candidate in one of the three hundred ridings is a devout Christian? From the Wild West no less? There it is! American style religious right wing extremism!"

Imagine the media storm if Harper had said this, at the time he was vying for the top job:

"The best possible Canada, is a Canada with Albertans in power!"

Whoa, Nelly.


  1. He did. Over and over. "Alberat/The West wants in".

    And hardly anyone batted an eye.

  2. Iggy, the lieberals, Kinsella, the whole rotting bunch, have got a free ride from the liberal snot-nosed toronto-based press for so long, and it is time for a housecleaning. First the CPC should begin the process of defunding (and deregulating) the outlandish CBC as they seem to have no self control, and their top management shows it. CTV is now emulating the ceeb, and is showing signs of liberal political ties that are alarming - inability to examine their bias from Taber (giggles), Fife, Oliver - oh so too bad that Duffy had a greater calling as he knew how to keep balance - enough is enough

  3. There is no doubt the msm isn't being nearly as inquisitive about Iggy as they were about Harper (both while Opp Leader). That may change, if the Libs remain high in the polls, and as the media gets bored with Iggy's empty rhetoric, constant nitpicking, and lack of clear policy alternatives.

    At least we got Globe writers Rex Murphy and Rick Salutin pressing Iggy in the last couple of weeks. So that's a start. And Iggy told us he had directed his "people" to produce an election platform by June. He looks likely to introduce a non-confidence motion. Those two actions will give us all more Iggy meat to chew on, as opposed to trying to decipher what he sees as blowing in the "wind".

    Calgary Junkie

  4. Congratulations, Biff. This is great.

    I have searched for a quote that said "Alberat/The West wants in", let alone "over and over" because usually when you quote someone with quotation marks, it is accurate.

    "The West, he said, will now have the voice in Ottawa it has long sought."

    "Harper then reached out to the regions, repeating a campaign promise to solve the fiscal imbalance..."

    So by suggesting that the WEST is in or has a voice, is hardly saying ""The best possible Canada, is a Canada with Albertans in power!""

    AS Biff has so aptly suggested, it has not ever been said or would it have been accepted by the MSM.

  5. Notice too, the LibLuvin media have not gone ballistic over the mean spitefull Bloc 'attack ads'', which are using Iffy's own words, just like the Cons truth ads!

  6. Ya, I wonder if Count Igs, will fly into Montreal and give one of those OUTRAGE speeches about the Bloc and their mean spirited ads. I really think he should do it it the heart of Quebec, first.

  7. Preston Manning came to an Alberta separation meeting, saying that is not the way, the way is IN not out:

    "The West Wants In" was the slogan of Preston Manning's Reform Party when it was founded in 1987.

  8. As the National Press Gallery and CTV and CBC cover for IGGy's shortcoming. It is easy for all Canadians to see how Chretien got away with Adscam.The MSM only holds the conservative party to account when in Government. The MSM is working hard to keep Canadians from learning which Liberal MP's recieved cash.

  9. Ted, surely you aren't comparing "the west wants in" to "the best possible Canada is one with Quebec in power".

    That's quite a stretch even for you. Wanting to have a voice at the table is quite different from being in power and calling the shots. Sheesh.

  10. Congrats, Biff! I've bookmarked your blog.

    Good point you made about "Albertans in power".

  11. 'The West wants in".
    And hardly anyone batted an eye.'

    The reason for that Ted, is none of the LibLuvin media believed Manning nor Harper could do it.
    They literally laughed at the Reform party (Tom Clark) before Deb Gray got elected.

    The media has made the CPC stronger with their unfair non-stop attacks,
    and made the LPC weaker by not challenging them.

    The way Iffy seized the Lib leadership is repulsive.
    His on/off with the coalition of losers makes him unworthy and unqualified to become Prime Minister.
    His decisions have been poor and/or reversed.
    He lacks real political experience.

    Yet, Iffy is a media darling because he is one of theirs, a journalist, tv personality and well educated.
    That doesn't make him PM material.

  12. Saying "the West wants in" is completely different from saying,
    the West should rule Canada.".

    One slogan is saying "we want to be a part of Canada". The other is saying "we're your natural leaders."

    But thanks anyway Ted, you goof.

  13. The "West", btw, refers to 4 provinces and a big chunk of the territories.
    A common reference used for decades.

    hint, think CFL....

    ps See Biff, what rabble rousers we can be?

  14. Nothing wrong with rousing some rabble.

  15. To have a hidden agenda it is first necessary to have an agenda behind which you can obscure your true agenda.
    So far, Ignatieff lacks an agenda. He seems to be on both sides of every issue. Once he selects an agenda, you can be sure the one he did not select will be the true agenda.

  16. La Presse of Montreal has another puff piece on Ignatieff (sigh) by an academic. If you think the slobbering is bad in the Rest of Canada, just read The Gazette and La Presse.

  17. Liberals thought Harper's hidden agenda would screw liberal interests. It turns out that Harper did more damage to the conservative cause than a liberal ever could. At the core of his hidden agenda is his desire to screw western conservatives to get Ontario and Quebec votes.

    What is especially sweet is that conservatives look the other way while they get screwed. I love it.

  18. Drink some more Kool Aid Anon.


  19. Yah anon,
    really damages the Conservative cause winning government for a second time, with and a stronger mandate.

    Many major Conservative issues have been successfully brought into law by this government.
    Here is a list of what this Conservative Prime Minister and his Cabinet,
    with one hand tied behind his back due to a minority situation,
    has acheived:

    Where's Iffy's list of Canadian acheivements?

  20. HA ha make my point. What happened to balanced budgets? Or that Alberta would get similar funding on projects as Quebec? elected senators? Recognition of provincial authority (Harper intrides in energy and securitoes regulators). Harper has done nothing for Alberta. In fact, he hardly ever comes here. When it comes to Alberta Harper is 'just visiting'.