Thursday, June 18, 2009

Media Bias By the Numbers

ABC News, which is hosting what is essentially an Obama infomercial on his health care plan, has its donations numbers released.

By way of background, the general public voted roughly 53% to 47 %, for Obama.

So did ABC employees donate close to 50:50? Nope.

55: 45? Keep trying.

60:40? Uh uh.

75:25? Not even close.

Try 33:1.

At that level, imagine the group think, the complete one-sidedness, the base assumptions that not only go unchecked, but where the alternative viewpoint is not even comprehended. By the way, these numbers are no aberration but are consistent with other similar studies.

There's a reason why the implicit message in every media story is "why isn't the government doing something", why conservatives' ads are viewed as abhorrent even if they're true whereas Liberal dishonest ads ("we're not making this up") are just normal politics, why the media has long since forgotten the greatest political scandal of our time which tore at the very underpinnings of government accountability - bypassing it to flog a conservative PM from two decades ago, why Harper giving a speech to Americans is viewed as the under current of U.S. manifest destiny whereas pointing out Iggy actually declared himself to be American is somehow off base, etc, etc, etc.

The media is on their team. It's as simple as that.

1 comment:

  1. And the medias wonder why they are in the tank.
    Luckily the americans have variety of medias from where to satisfy their curiosity. Fox, Cnn etc and viewing one from the other gives the americans a choice.

    Unfortunately in canada every national media is liberal; no wonder they are at ease at what they do without competition. Now, if we had FOX in Canada, maybe CBC CTV will not hide secrets from the public far less manipulate.